Storage & Safety


Our chilis are grown in UK using organic methods and are shipped on the same day they are harvested. Unlike a supermarket chili that has travelled half way round the world, we guarantee unrivalled freshness.

Freshness means that, if stored correctly at a cool temperature, our chilis should remain looking as good as new for up to 3 weeks.

If you do not want to put the whole box in the fridge, leave the chilis in the resealable bags provided. If you are storing them for a long period of  time, occasionally check to ensure there is no mould.

Chilis do not actually go off. Whilst their appearance will change over time, they will still retain their heat, flavour and nutrients even when they have dried out and looked wrinkled.


Please do not underestimate the heat of some chilis in our boxes. We will always label each chili and provide a Scoville rating which is used to measure heat.

When handling some of our hottest chilis, it is wise to use gloves and avoid touching your eyes or any other sensitive areas.

Make sure you’re in a well ventilated room as the fumes from the chilis / ground chili powders may get into the air. For some of our hottest chilis, you may want to wear a mask and goggles! Do not underestimate the potency of some of these bad boys!

Despite the burning sensation of some super hot chilis, they will not cause any burning injuries. If you’ve opted to eat a chili whole however, make sure you have got some milk or yoghurt nearby to cool your mouth down. Or maybe you just love the burn…

Eating too many extremely hot chilis may lead to stomach cramps and intestinal discomfort. #fireinthehole


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