One of the odd things that might come to your mind when it comes to these delicious spicy fruits, is the fact that they are common close to the equator. So why do people who already live in hot environments eat spicy foods? Wouldn’t it make them even hotter?

Well, not exactly.

In fact, there is evidence that these spicy foods may actually have the opposite effect, and cause you to cool down in these climates. This is because your body starts to sweat when you consume spicy foods, and sweating is vital when it comes to your body naturally cooling off.

But interestingly enough, this is really only one of the reasons why peppers are so popular in the south, as opposed to more cooler climates. This is because these peppers mainly grow in humid and hot areas, such as South America. But even more importantly, it is because the peppers themselves have antimicrobial properties.


This means that they prevent you from getting infections etc. which is more common in hotter and wetter climates. These infections happen more because bacteria flourish in hot and wet conditions. So for many people, the tang of a spicy pepper can help to keep away many sicknesses, although I doubt that it was the sole reason why.

Many people just like the taste of a spicy pepper, and many cultures have put that flavor in dishes as a result. That is probably the biggest reason for eating them.